• Phonics – Initial Letters, Sounds and Pictures

    Phonics Initial Letters and Sounds

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    Phonics – Initial Letters, Sounds and Pictures is an interactive resource for teaching initial letters and sounds. It is designed for use on the interactive whiteboard.

    In the resource, each letter of the alphabet is presented on its own slide. The slide also displays pictures of two items that begin with the most common initial sound attributed to the letter.

    The resource presents the letters, sounds and pictures in four ways for different uses:

    • Automatic – Advance through the alphabet automatically. Listen and join in with reciting the letter names, sounds and pictured words.
    • I’ll do it – Click through the letters of the alphabet in order to allow time for discussion and teaching.
    • Clues – Click through the letters of the alphabet at your own pace. This time children are required to identify the letter names and sounds without using the pictures as clues. They may click on the clue icon to reveal the picture if needed.
    • Random – Letters are provided with the pictures hidden, as for “Clues”,  but are presented in random order.

    A printable version of the letter cards can be accessed from within the resource.

    Note: While this interactive digital resource may be viewed on mobile devices, functionality is optimized when accessed on a computer.

    If you are logged in, scroll down to access the resource.

    When finished the session, select “Finish for now” to save your progress.  To return to the page you were working on, select “Resume”.

    Be sure to scroll below the resource to view related resources.

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