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    Read along with Norah as she reads her original Australian Ballad, Once Upon a Billabong from the anthology Tell ‘Em They’re Dreaming: Bedtime Ballads and Tall Tales from the Australian Bush.

    The story promotes kindness and caring for each other and also includes a subtle environmental message.

    The ballad tells of a mean bullfrog who lives in a billabong way out west. He won’t let anyone else live in his billabong. However, the world doesn’t work the way he wants, and soon he’s looking for somewhere else to live.

    The story is included in the Share Your Story Tell ‘Em They’re Dreaming Anthology of Bedtime Ballads and Tall Tales from the Australian Bush. The Anthology can be purchased from Amazon. Sales of the anthology raise funds for the NSW Rural Fire Service.

    While this is a different story to the Bullfrog’s Billabong estory already included in the readilearn collection, it can be read in conjunction with it and used to develop literacy skills as well as an appreciation for narrative poems.

    You can also watch the video on YouTube.

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