• Mouse and Crow – a stimulus for writing

    Writing | What is a friend

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    Mouse and Crow – a stimulus for writing is best displayed on the interactive white board to enable whole class discussion and stimulate imaginations for writing.

    The resource contains a series of images and questions to get the children thinking about friendship, who can be a friend, and what friends do. The images focus on the unlikely friendship of a mouse and a crow. Children are asked to consider circumstances that may have led to these two being friends.

    The resource includes a retelling of Aesop’s fable The Lion and The Mouse to stimulate further discussion and ideas.

    Teaching notes and suggestions are included, as well as an original fable Crow and Mouse which should be read to the children only after they have written their stories.

    With a focus on friendship, the resource is great for stimulating discussions about what a friend is, and fits well into a friendship skills program.


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