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    Let’s find out about alpacas is a non-fiction text answering some of children’s most-asked questions about alpacas, including

    • Where do alpacas live?
    • What family do alpacas belong to?
    • Why do people breed alpacas?
    • What colour is alpaca fibre?
    • Are alpacas friendly?
    • What do alpacas eat?
    • What noise do alpacas make?
    • How long do alpacas live?
    • What are baby alpacas called?
    • Why do people say alpacas are environmentally friendly animals?

    It was written in part to celebrate 2019 National Simultaneous Storytime and its focus book Alpacas with Maracas by Matt Cosgrove but can be referenced anytime when learning about living things in science or reading non-fiction texts in literacy.

    The free resource is suitable for display and reading with children on the interactive whiteboard. A printable PDF version can be accessed from within the resource.

    Note: While this resource can be accessed on mobile devices, functionality is optimised when accessed on a computer and displayed on an interactive whiteboard.

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