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    Draw a bee game is simple dice game that can be used to help reinforce knowledge of bee anatomy. It is great for science or maths groups, or just as a fun activity.
    The game is presented in two versions.
    Draw a bee #1 is a quicker and easier version. It could be completed by a child in six rolls.
    When children roll a number, they draw all the matching parts; for example, if they roll a 4, they draw all four wings.The only proviso is that they must roll a 3 to start with the three body parts, to which the other features are added.
    Draw a bee #2 takes more time and rolls. As the correct number must be rolled for each individual body part, it will take a minimum of 21 rolls for each player.
    Choose the version that suits the ages of your children and your time allocation best.

    Print the two sets of instructions and laminate for distribution to groups when ready to play. Store each set of instructions with a dice, some paper, and a collection of pencils and the game is ready to play at any time.


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