• Bullfrog’s Billabong – an estory

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    This fun original estory about Australian animals can be displayed on the interactive whiteboard so children can follow along making predictions and discussing experiences.

    The story also includes the mathematical concepts of counting, growing patterns and days of the week.

    Bullfrog’s Billabong is also available as a covered cloze activity. If you wish to use it for teaching effective reading strategies it should be used before children have any other exposure to the story.

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  1. Rebecca

    Bullfrog’s Billabong is such a fun story, with really engaging illustrations. I love it. And there is so much potential for use in the classroom.

    • Norah Colvin

      Thank you, Rebecca. There are many ways for Bullfrog’s Billabong to be used in the classroom – lots of learning potential. 🙂

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