• 100 Ladybirds

    Mathematics | Number

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    100 Ladybirds helps children develop an idea of the size of a collection up to 100.

    The lesson begins with 0 ladybirds on the screen and the numeral 0 in the top right-hand corner.

    Children click on the leaf to add one ladybird to the screen.

    As each ladybird is added, the total changes commensurately until the number reaches 100.

    The resource is great for use when developing the concept of 100 and works well when celebrating the 100th day of school.

    At any time during the lesson, click on the spider to exit. Your progress is saved.

    When you return to the resource, select ‘Resume’ to continue counting where you left off or ‘Start again’ to begin counting from one.

    Note: While this resource can be accessed on mobile devices, functionality is optimised when accessed on a computer and displayed on an interactive whiteboard.

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