Matching readilearn Maths Resources to the Australian Curriculum

  • Published on February 18, 2022

Matching readilearn Maths Resources to the Australian Curriculum

For the past little while, I’ve been doing an audit of the readilearn maths resources that focus on number and matching them to the Australian Curriculum Number and Algebra Content Descriptions. Before making new resources, I wanted to see what concepts and content I’d already included and where the gaps, if any, were. I presented my findings in a table that I have made available as a free resource in the Maths Number collection. The table will make it easier for you to find resources to teach particular concepts.

It didn’t surprise me that the majority of resources target the basic understanding of numbers to ten and then to 100. After all, if children understand these numbers, they have a firm foundation on which to build an understanding of larger numbers.

In this post, I share where some of the readilearn maths resources can be used when teaching the Australian Curriculum. No doubt, maths concepts to be taught are the same worldwide.

These are only a few of the resources that match each of the codes and only a few of the codes. For further information, please refer to the list ACARA and readilearn lessons in number which can be downloaded free. Note that some of the resources support your teaching of more than one content description.

Counting and naming numbers in sequence to and from 20

(ACARA Code: ACMNA001)

ideas for teaching using number lines and diced

Busy Bee Number lines and dice

developing understanding of number with an interactive 100 board

Busy Bees 100 chart

collect the eggs a fun game developing understanding of numbers to twenty

Collect the eggs — a game for maths groups

teaching number concepts - count with Teddy Bears

Count with Teddy Bears


(ACARA Code: ACMNA003)

subitisation lesson ready to teach on the interactive whiteboard

Busy Bees and Insects — subitising 1- 6

Caps off for maths

patterns, addition, colour matching fun with flowers

Fun with flowers

turtle domino cards to print and use in maths groups

Turtle domino cards

Comparing quantities

(ACARA Code: ACMNA289)

comparing numbers to ten Halloween theme

Who has more?

Adding and sharing

(ACARA Code: ACMNA004)

exploring number combinations to ten

Exploring number combinations

Ladybird spots cover

Exploring number with ladybird spots

Fill Mrs Bilby's Wagon cover

Fill Mrs Bilby’s wagon — a game for maths groups

Ladybird and Butterfly Friends of Ten

Ladybird and Butterfly friends of ten

ladybird combinations cover

Ladybird combinations

Recognising, ordering, reading and writing numbers to 100

(ACARA Code: ACMNA013)

developing understanding of number with an interactive 100 board

Busy Bees 100 chart

recognising 2-digit numbers

Let’s read 2-digit numbers

interactive resource for teaching how to write 2-digit numbers

Let’s write 2-digit numbers

Remember these are only a few of the readilearn resources for teaching number.

Access the entire list here.

ACARA Number and Algebra Content Descriptors matched to readilearn teaching resources

While you are here, why not check out the complete collection of

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