Let’s Get Ready, Mama! with Sharon Giltrow and Arielle Li

  • Published on April 29, 2022

Let’s Get Ready, Mama! with Sharon Giltrow and Arielle Li

Today it is my pleasure to review a beautiful new picture book Get Ready, Mama! written by Sharon Giltrow, illustrated by Arielle Li and published by EK Books. This post is part of a Books on Tour promotion.

About author Sharon Giltrow

SharonGiltrow 2021-09-14 author of Get Ready, Mama!

Sharon Giltrow is an Authorcator, an Author Educator, based in Western Australia. She writes humorous picture books and middle grade speculative fiction. Her humorous debut picture book Bedtime Daddy, released in May 2020, is a companion book to this new release Get Ready, Mama!

Sharon has worked with children for all of her career, formerly as a teacher of children who are hearing impaired and Deaf-Blind, and now as an Early Childhood Educator and Teacher Education Support working with Young Children with Developmental Language Disorder.

Sharon is an enthusiastic and inspirational speaker with a passion for developing children’s oral, visual, and written literacy. She has experience presenting to children from zero- to ten-year-olds. Through Sharon’s author talks students, inspired by a real-life author, will discover the joy of literacy and unlock their hidden creativity.

Find out more about Sharon Giltrow on her website.

About Get Ready, Mama!

Get Ready, Mama! by Sharon Giltrow and Arielle Li

Even the most reluctant risers will find the fun in the morning routine with this lively role-reversal story about a mama who just doesn’t want to get ready!

Getting ready in the morning is a mission for many families with young children, but this inventive, tongue-in-cheek story provides a fun way of speeding things along. Full of heart and humour, Get Ready, Mama! is for anyone who has heard enough of “5 more minutes”.

What I like about Get Ready, Mama!

Get Ready, Mama! is a fun role-reversal picture book in which an enthusiastic child attempts to motive a reluctant mother to get up and going in the morning. What a hilariously non-threatening way to discuss those very same avoidance tactics used by many children, and even more, a fun way for parents to play-act reluctance in order to motivate their own children to take responsibility for getting up and getting ready in the mornings.

Any parent who has ever had to coax a child to get ready in the morning, and I think that’s probably most of us, will identify with Mum’s tactics. Even early risers — and I had a couple of those — weren’t always keen to get moving and prepare for the day’s activities, having other things they preferred to do.

Get Ready, Mama! by Sharon Giltrow and Arielle Li
Get Ready, Mama! by Sharon Giltrow and Arielle Li. Used with permission. Please respect copyright.

Giltrow has captured every possible excuse for dawdling from needing those irresistible hugs to favourite clothes and special shoes; from needing ‘to go’ when they really do need to go to watching TV when they should be out the door. Daughter’s ‘Get Your Mama Ready Pack’ for the car is perfect for those last minute touch-ups and there are plenty of reasons to give for arriving late to school. A pinkie-promise to see each other later is the perfect way to say goodbye until it’s time for home again.

Li’s illustrations complement Giltrow’s text, capturing the humour with facial expressions that tell us oh so much about the thoughts and feelings of the characters and the warmth of the mother-child relationship.

While this book is perfect for families to share, it is also great for the classroom. I’m sure it will stimulate a lot of open and hilarious discussions about delaying tactics the children themselves, or their siblings, use. A lot of fun writing could follow, especially now when we are thinking of special gifts children can give their mothers for Mother’s Day.

Get Ready, Mama! by Sharon Giltrow and Arielle Li

Purchase your own copy of Get Ready, Mama! from ekbooks.org and wherever great books are sold.

Teacher notes and activity sheets are also available from the website.

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Get Ready, Mama! by Sharon Giltrow and Arielle Li


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    It is a very special book. I can imagine it being a favourite for some time.

    What a cute book! I like the turn-around, where the MOM is the one having a difficult time getting up in the morning. I think kids will find humor in this, but also it may get them thinking about how often they give their parent a hard time when getting up. 🙂 Adorable illustrations too.

    I totally agree with your comments, Pam. It is an adorable book.

    It is a fun book, Robbie.
    I’m pleased you never had any trouble getting your sons moving.

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