Let’s Get Buzzing for World Bee Day

  • Published on May 14, 2021

Celebrate World Bee Day

World Bee Day will be celebrated next week on 20 May.  The purpose of World Bee Day is to celebrate these wonderful pollinators upon whom we are so dependent, and not just for their delicious honey. Without bees, there’d be a lot less, and many fewer varieties of, food for us to eat.


Note: As for all videos, I recommend you watch them first to ascertain suitability before sharing them with your class.

The World Bee Day website contains useful advice and many resources to assist your involvement in the day, including a fun waggle dance challenge you and your children will enjoy.

There are also suggestions for what you can do as a school, community group or individual to contribute to the survival of these amazing creatures.

Here at readilearn, the bee theme is a favourite and we have many bee-themed resources to support your teaching, including:


honey bees cover

Honey bees — an information ebook

Draw a bee game

Draw a bee game


honey bees interactive

Honey bees interactive for teaching features of information texts

Five little readers and follow up activities in one folder

Busy Bees Little Readers


developing understanding of number with an interactive 100 board

Busy Bees 100 chart

subitisation lesson ready to teach on the interactive whiteboard

Bees Bees and Insect Subitising — 1 – 6

game to develop understanding of numbers to 100

Collect 100 flowers for Busy Bee — a counting game

ideas for teaching using number lines and diced

Busy Bee Number lines and dice

Classroom Management

resources, lessons and activities to welcome children to school on the first day

Busy Bee Welcome resources for Day one — a collection of ten resources for establishing a bee-themed classroom

Busy Bee of the Week Award Certificate printable

Busy Bee of the week award certificate

busy bee chants about being happy about being in grade one, can be adapted to other year levels

Busy Bee chants

Character Development

Busy Bees alphabet of positive adjectives

Busy Bees alphabet of positive adjectives

an alphabet of friendship words to use when teaching friendship skills in early childhood classroom

Busy Bees ABC of friendship

the high-5 is a great strategy for children to use when encountering problems in the playground

Busy Bees High-5 Charts

These are just a few of readilearn’s bee-themed resources. Type ‘bee’ in the website search bar to find more. In addition, there are many minibeast-themed resources, some of which include information about bees, that can be located by typing ‘minibeast’ into the search bar.

readilearn teaching resources for the first three years of school

readilearn teaching resources may be purchased individually or accessed for a small annual subscription.

Check out the complete readilearn collection of

over 470 teaching resources for the first three years of school
Resources beyond worksheets – lessons for teachers made by teachers.
Let readilearn lighten your workload.


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