Lessons for teaching the letters and their most common sounds

  • Published on July 9, 2021

Lessons for teaching the letters and their most common sounds

This week, I am delighted to tell you that I have finished making and have uploaded a lesson for each letter of the alphabet ready to teach on the interactive whiteboard. I had hoped to have them finished by the end of June, but I don’t feel too bad that it took me until 4 July — not too far over my goal.

Each letter is introduced in its own lesson with its most common sound, as is the expectation of most English curricula and phonics programs. This includes 20 consonants and the short sound for each of the 5 vowels (a, e, i, o and u). The letter ‘x’ is the exception. Its most common sound is ‘ks’ as heard in ‘box’, so that is how it is introduced.

The lessons are available individually and can be used in any order.

They are titled, for example Let’s learn about initial j and can be found in the Literacy/phonics collection.

phonics lesson - Let's learn about initial j

Each lesson follows the same format.

The letter and ten words are presented aurally as well as visually with images as an additional aid to memory.

The words are introduced one at a time.

The first screen for each word displays and tells the name of the letter, the sound, and the illustrated word.

On the second screen, the illustrated word is repeated and accompanied by the written word.

After all ten words have been introduced, they are repeated and children are asked to think of other words that begin with the letter and sound.

The title screen offers a choice: Play it for me or I’ll do it.

Select Play it for me to play all slides in order without stopping.

Select I’ll do it to click through the slides using the ‘Next’ button, one after the other. This allows time to stop and discuss the words or conduct related activities.

The sound can be muted if you wish to work through the slides with the children without its additional support.

50 percent off letter and sound phonics lessons

Each lesson is available to be purchased individually for just $1. To celebrate my completion of them, for the month of July (this month only), I am offering them at half price, which means you can purchase each lesson for just 50 cents, or all 26 lessons for just $13.

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However, for only $12 more, you can subscribe, which gives you access to all 488 teaching resources in the collection for an entire year, starting when you subscribe. This also includes access to all new resources that will be uploaded during that period.

Remember, you can find all the phonics resources in the literacy/phonics collection.

Whichever way you choose, I’m sure you’ll find it excellent value as we have done much of your preparation for you.

I have also created an explanatory video if you would like additional information.

readilearn teaching resources for the first three years of school

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    congrats on completing this labor of love. and I am impressed with how close you came to your deadline. best of luck with this helpful resource…

    It was a lot of work, Chelsea. It took me so much longer than I expected. Thanks for recognising that. 💖

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