Introducing Belly Button Fluff by Dave Atze

  • Published on September 24, 2021

Introducing Belly Button Fluff by Dave Atze

Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to Dave Atze and his hilariously delightful new picture book Belly Button Fluff which he both wrote and illustrated.  The book is published by Big Sky Publishing. This post is part of a Books On Tour promotion.

Dave Atze, author and illustrator

About Dave Atze

Dave Atze illustrates amazing books for kids that sell all over the world, including Cat Spies Mouse, the Max Booth series, the Nursery Crimes series and books about a kangaroo from Uluru! During his time as an illustrator, he has worked for some amazing clients. Some of which include Scholastic, Moose Toys, Zuru Toys, Natures Organics, Ford St Publishing, Redgum Book Club, Big Sky Publishing, EB Games and Silver Sun Pictures.

When he’s not busy drawing up a storm you can find Dave spending time with his wife Ashleigh and daughter Ella, watching movies, running, renovating and taking photos out in the wild.

Belly Button Fluff by Dave Atze

About Belly Button Fluff

A super-cute, icky adventure brimming with curiosity and fun.

Scarlett Von Scruff is a little girl who loves to collect weird stuff. Now she’s discovered something fluffy, soft and a little bit smelly in Dad’s belly button and she wants to find more.

No belly is safe as Scarlett goes on a fun-filled fluff gathering adventure.

So, kick off your shoes and lay on the couch, let’s have a look in your tummy pouch.

What I like about Belly Button Fluff

Belly Button Fluff is a fun book that I know children will love. They love finding out about their bodies and how they work, especially the weird stuff and gross bits. When we are introduced to Scarlett Von Scruff (what a perfect name), we are told that she collects weird stuff and we see she has jars of invisible ink, unicorn pop offs, mud pies and snail slime. However, she feels she needs even more weird stuff for her collection. What could be better than some funny-looking weird-smelling stuff from Dad’s tummy pouch.

The story is told in a rollicking rhythm with a rhyming pattern that will encourage children to predict and join in. There are plenty of icky adventures that might make you squirm but make children grin as Scarlett explores the neighbourhood for more fluff to add to her collection. But what will Scarlett do with the enormous amount of fluff that she collects? I’m not going to tell you. You’ll have to read the book to find out. I’ll just give you a hint — it’s a lot of fun and very creative. The book finishes with a question that children will enjoy finding ways to answer.

Belly Button Fluff is a fun story to read aloud. Children will greet some suggestions with feigned revulsion but overall joy and laughter. I’m sure it will encourage them to share their own stories of weird things they collect.

Find out more about Dave

on his website: Dave Atze Illustration

or connect with him of social media

Facebook: Dave Atze Illustration | Facebook

Twitter: Dave Atze (@DaveAtze) / Twitter

Instagram: Dave Atze (@daveatze) • Instagram photos and videos

Belly Button Fluff by Dave Atze
Purchase your own copy of Belly Button Fluff

 Belly Button Fluff : Atze, Dave: Books

Belly Button Fluff HB | Big Sky Publishing

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    this book looks wonderful, but I would probably have a hard time reading it. I can’t even touch my own belly button (strange, I know), so I can’t imagine a book all about belly buttons and touching other people’s!

    That’s funny, Jim. I’ve never heard of anyone having a belly button phobia before, but I guess, why not? In fact it is a thing. I just looked it up. It’s Omphalophobia. Apparently it’s treatable. Thanks for educating me, Jim.

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