Happy Easter from readilearn 2020

  • Published on April 9, 2020
Happy Easter from readilearn - 2020


Wishing you hope and joy

The situation for us at Easter this year is very different from any we’ve experienced before and, hopefully, are unlikely to experience again. Wherever you are, I hope you are able to find some joy in the traditional Easter message of hope.

I have uploaded three new resources this week to add to the readilearn Easter collection. As my Easter gift to you, I have made these three new resources available free until the end of April. Many other free resources are also available in the collection. Please enjoy!

Where are the Easter eggs - interactive lesson

Where are the Easter eggs? is an interactive lesson or series of lessons that teach children the meaning of positional words and to recognise them in print. Eight positional words are introduced: on, under, beside, between, in, in front, next to and behind.

Positional words flash cards

Positional words – flash cards is a set of cards designed to help children understand and read the same eight positional words included in Where are the Easter eggs? It provides children with additional support for learning the words and includes a variety of cards as well as teaching ideas.

How to make a treasure hunt

How to make a treasure hunt provides a set of instructions for making a treasure hunt with clues. Treasure hunts are always a lot of fun, especially at Easter and birthdays when a reward can be found. But treasure hunts can be fun at any time and may involve looking for a toy or a book that is already owned. You can make treasure hunts for children to follow or support children to make treasure hunts of their own by helping them understand the steps that are involved.

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    Thank you, Robbie. I wish you the same too. Stay safe and well. Happy days!

    What a generous offering, Norah!

    Having grown up and raised my kids in snowy places, most of our Easter egg hunts were indoors! Not good if we “lost” an egg, which happened a few times.

    If I were to offer subscriptions as gifts this Easter, how would I go about doing that?

    Hi Charli,
    Indoor Easter egg hunts go down well here too. But the Easter eggs probably go down better. 🙂
    Thank you for asking about gifting a subscription for Easter. What a lovely thought. The process is easy. Simply email me at hello@readilearn.com.au to let me know who you wish to gift it to, make a payment via Paypal, and I’ll provide your gift recipient with a code with which they can subscribe.
    However, if you know someone who might benefit from the site, please let them know about these and other free resources that are already available from readilearn.
    Happy Easter!

    I bet there’ll be a lot of creative treasure hunts happening this Easter. Have a safe, restful and creative Easter yourself, Norah! D x

    Thanks for hopping over so promptly to spread some Easter cheer, Dimity. Best wishes to you and your loved ones too. 💖

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