Great App for Future Readers: Word Zoo | Ask a Tech Teacher

  • Published on August 9, 2019

Great App for Future Readers: Word Zoo | Ask a Tech Teacher

This week I am pleased to share with you information about a new reading app, Word Zoo, reviewed by Jacqui Murray on her website Ask a Tech Teacher. If you need to know anything about using technology in the classroom, Jacqui will be able to help you out.

Over to you, Jacqui:

parent and child using Word Zoo a reading app

Reading is defined as “the action or skill of absorbing written or printed matter silently or aloud.” Sounds dry, maybe even boring, but the ability to read has been credited with exercising the mind, saving lives, bringing people together, and predicting success in school. It alleviates boredom in the bits of free time that pop up between soccer and dinner and it can be done alone or in a group.

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends…”
― Charles William Eliot

So when I find an app that organically encourages reading, I get excited. But I’m fussy. Here’s what I look for–the red answers are how this mystery ready app sized up:

  • Does it have advertising?  No
  • Is it intuitiveYes
  • is it user-friendlyYes
  • Does the web tool differentiate for types of students and their unique needs? Yes
  • Is the web tool compatible with most browsersYes
  • Is the web tool freeNo–but it’s affordable ($1.99 at the time this was printed).
  • Does the web tool encourage higher-order thinkingYes
  • Is the web tool or app error-freeYes
  • Does the web tool have educational applicationsYes
  • Is the app privateYes

I’m excited to share with you a new low-cost app I found called Word Zoo Learn to Read:

word-zoo-app for teaching reading

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    I agree, Charli. I think it’s great to have a set of criteria to assist evaluation.

    Thanks, Robbie. I like the way Jacqui does her reviews. She has a great set of criteria.

    Thanks so much, Bette. Jacqui wrote a great review of an excellent app. I appreciate your sharing.

    Thanks so much, Jim. I’m sure your wife and other preschool teachers will find the app very useful.

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