Easter holiday wishes

  • Published on April 13, 2017

This week I have uploaded two new resources which are just as suitable for Easter holiday fun at home as they are for learning in the classroom.

whose egg cover

Whose egg? A logic puzzle can be used with the whole class to introduce children to the steps involved in completing logic puzzles; or as an independent or buddy activity if children already know how to complete logic puzzles on their own.

Three friends, three eggs, and three baskets. But which friend has which egg and which basket?

Children read the story scenario and the clues, then use the information to deduce which friend bought which egg in which basket.

Great for reading comprehension and creative thinking; and for collaboration in a paired activity!

bunny breakfast cover

How to make a nutritious bunny breakfast for two

This slide show provides a series of easy steps to follow to make a cute and nutritious bunny for Easter breakfast or lunch, or any time. Two printable PDF versions of the instructions are available from within the resource. One version (large) has one slide per page and is suitable for presenting as a booklet. The other version (small) presents all steps on two pages to reduce your printing requirements.

As a special Easter gift to you, I have made this resource available to everyone free, whether registered or not.

Note: I previously shared this on my Norah Colvin blog after seeing Kimmie’s idea on her blog Stuck in Scared.

Register now to begin using free resources, or Subscribe for access to all resources.

subscribe Easter

Just two more days to secure your subscription to readilearn at 20% discount from the normal annual price. With over 220 resources across many curriculum areas, and more added nearly every week, that’s good value. The offer concludes on Sunday.

I hope you and your children enjoy using these resources.

I wish you all a very happy Easter holiday. Stay safe. Enjoy.

Thank you for reading.

Happy teaching and learning,


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    Thank you, Rose. I hope you are having a wonderful Easter weekend. Best wishes.

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