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  • Published on March 24, 2017

Easter bunny in frame

Many children around the world eagerly await the arrival of the Easter Bunny and his delivery of coloured, candy, or chocolate eggs or toys. The Easter Bunny has been delivering his gifts for more than three hundred years.

When Europeans arrived in Australia a little over two hundred years ago, they not only brought the Easter Bunny tradition, they brought real rabbits as a food source and for hunting. Cute little rabbits, you may say, but the rabbits were quick to breed. Without any natural predators, they soon became widespread, and created an enormous environmental problem. They contributed to the destruction of habitats and the loss of native animals and plants. They also became a serious problem for farmers.


One of the animals that suffered as a result of the introduced species is the bilby, a now vulnerable marsupial, native to the deserts of Central Australia. The cute bilby with its long rabbit-like ears and cute face is considered a possible native substitute for the Easter Bunny in Australia.  Chocolate makers and other organisations used the idea of an Easter Bilby to draw attention to its plight and to the Save the Bilby Fund, established to help its survival. (Check out the Save the Bilby Fund’s free education resources.)

This week I have uploaded some new Easter resources featuring bilbies. I hope you and your children enjoy them.

Easter Delivery cover

Easter Delivery is an interactive digital story that gives children practice in finding combinations of numbers to ten. It is suitable for use with the whole class on the interactive whiteboard.

The Bilby twins, Benny and Belinda, are excited to be making their first deliveries for Easter. Before they do, they must prove to Dad that they are capable of leaving the correct number of eggs for each friend’s family. Children help Benny and Belinda by working out what combinations of eggs could be delivered to the families. Information about bilbies is also included in the resource.

Easter Deliver - How to use

Easter Delivery – How to use this resource outlines the mathematical concepts included in the interactive digital story Easter Delivery. It suggests ways of using the story with your class.

A Happy Easter Card from the Bilbies

A Happy Easter Card from the Bilbies stars the Bilby twins Benny and Belinda from the interactive digital story Easter Delivery. It is a printable card that children can colour and personalise with their own messages for loved ones at Easter time.

Benny Belinda's Easter Delivery

Benny and Belinda’s Easter Delivery is another follow up activity to the interactive digital story Easter Delivery. Children problem solve to work out how many eggs Benny and Belinda would need to deliver to their own families. Great for maths groups!

the bilbies Easter colouring page

The Bilbies – Easter Colouring Page is taken from the interactive digital story Easter Delivery. It can be printed for children to colour and used as a stimulus for oral language, storytelling, and writing.

Fill Mrs Bilby's Wagon cover

Fill Mrs Bilby’s wagon is a fun original game for maths groups, exclusive to readilearn subscribers.

The game provides opportunities for children to engage with the following mathematical concepts:

  • Subitising: the numbers on the dice, and the number of eggs in their baskets
  • Adding: the numbers if two dice are rolled, the number of eggs to their baskets
  • Counting: in ones the number of eggs in their baskets, in tens the number of eggs in their trays
  • Finding missing addends: how many more until I have ten, how many more boxes until I have ten boxes, until I have 100 eggs
  • Trading: ten ones for one ten

The game can be used independent of, or as a follow up to, the interactive digital story Easter Delivery.

Bilby Easter egg labels and bookmarks

Bilby Easter gift labels and bookmarks can be printed and given as gifts to children, classroom assistants, colleagues, and family. The gift labels can be personalised with names of the recipient and the gift-giver, then wrapped around an egg for a unique gift. The bookmarks can be personalised with a special message to create a lovely non-sugary treat for Easter.

coming soon

I have almost completed a few more Easter resources. I will be uploading them during the week. Please check back to the Easter Resources to see what’s new.

Remember these resources are exclusive to readilearn. You won’t find them anywhere else.

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I hope you and your children enjoy using these resources. Next week I’ll be sharing an interview in which I talk a little about the origins of readilearn. I hope you’ll join me for that. In the meantime, have a great weekend.

Thank you for reading.

Happy teaching and learning,



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    Great explanation of the Easter resources! I enjoyed learning about the plight of the bilbies and Australia’s adoption as the bunny substitute of Easter.

    Thank you, Robbie. I’m so pleased you had a combination of enjoyment and learning – always my aim. 🙂

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