Daily Classroom Calendar for Lower Primary Classes

  • Published on January 17, 2020

Discussion of the day, date and weather is a familiar part of the daily routine in most early childhood and lower primary classrooms. The discussion allows for incidental teaching about mathematical concepts related to time and number and science concepts related to the weather and its influence on the environment and on human and animal activities.

Learning concepts with the daily calendar

Classroom Daily Calendar for the interactive whiteboard

To assist teachers with this regular activity, I have created a Classroom Daily Calendar for use on the interactive whiteboard. Simply display the calendar on the whiteboard and use the drop-down lists and sliders to complete the information for the day:

Classroom Daily Calendar

Select the day.

Classroom Daily Calendar

Choose the date.

Classroom Daily Calendar

Click on the month.

Classroom Daily Calendar

Choose the word that best describes the weather. (An illustration will pop up too.)

Classroom Daily Calendar

Use the sliders to show the season and to rate the temperature from cold to hot.

Write notes about the day’s events.

If desired, the screen can be printed to keep a record of each day’s date, weather and events.

Learning about the days of the week

Bullfrog's Billabong by Norah Colvin

Bullfrog’s Billabong is a fun story that introduces the days of the week. When Bullfrog arrives at the billabong on Sunday, no one is there. So, he settles down to make it his home. Every day, other creatures come to the billabong until, on Friday, it becomes very crowded. Things change on Saturday when a crocodile comes to the billabong.

Bullfrog's Billabong - a repetitive, cumulative story that introduces maths concepts of counting and days of the week  teach reading strategies with this covered cloze activity, a lesson ready to use on the interactive whiteboard

The story is available both as an estory and as a covered cloze lesson ready to teach on the interactive whiteboard. Printable versions of the story and a play are also available to download, along with other printable activities, including the days of the week, presented in three different formats.

Bullfrog's Billabong themed days of the week and suggested activities

Learning about the months


Busy Bee — Months of the year is another resource which can be printed and used to help teach the months of the year. The cards can be used to record and order events, including birthdays.

birthday chart for printing and recording children's birthdays

Most children love discussing and counting down the days and months until their birthday. The Busy Bee Birthday chart can be used to record the children’s birthdays and support their growing knowledge of the months and their sequence.

Other birthday-themed resources to support learning about days, dates and months include:

personalise this interactive birthday resource for children celebrating birthdays in your class

Happy Birthday — an interactive resource to personalise.

Calendar-related resources

2020 International Year of Plant Health calendar

2020 International Year of Plant Health Calendar

2020 International Year of Plant Health calendar bookmarks

2020 International Year of Plant Health Calendar bookmark

A Year of days and events to celebrate in the classroom

A Year of Days and Events to Celebrate in the Classroom

January Days and Events to Celebrate in the Classroom

January Days and Events to Celebrate in the Classroom

Other readilearn resources for the morning routine

an interactive who is here chart for the interactive whiteboard using children's names

Who is here today? Interactive chart Fill the chart with a list of the children’s names. Each day as they arrive at school, they drag their names from the list onto the chart. It is easy to see at a glance who is at school and who isn’t and can be used as an informal record of attendance. It also helps children learn to recognise each other’s names in print.

class news - transforming show and tell into a reading and writing experience

Class News — Transforming Show and Tell into a writing and reading experience suggests ways of getting more teaching into and more learning out of the typically lack-lustre show and tell session.

These are but a few of the hundreds of teaching resources for teachers available from readilearn. If there are any other activities or lessons you would like to see added to the collection, please let us know. Our aim is to lighten your workload with lessons ready to teach.

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Note: The images of seasons used in the feature image are used courtesy of Clever Cat Creations.  All other images are copyright by Norah Colvin.

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