Celebrating Christmas in the classroom

  • Published on November 24, 2017

As December draws nigh, thoughts all over the world turn to celebrations of Christmas, a time for spreading joy through sharing acts of friendship and showing kindness to others.

Those of us in the Southern Hemisphere are also thinking about finalising the school year and taking a much-deserved long summer break.

Before we do, we look for ways of celebrating Christmas in the classroom while maintaining children’s focus and keeping them engaged in meaningful learning until the final moments of the school year.

While there are a variety of readilearn resources already existing to help you do that, this week I have uploaded four more, all of which support use of the popular interactive digital story Who’s hiding at Christmas?

who's hiding cover

who's hiding at Christmas template

The Who’s hiding at Christmas -template is a printable resource with both template and instructions for children to make their own Who’s Hiding at Christmas book based upon the original story. Children love to share their own Who am I? puzzles. As well as providing ongoing practice with both reading and writing skills, the booklets make a lovely gift for sibling or parent.

These Christmas characters cut-outs are not only fun for children, they can be used in a variety of ways to practise skills from oral language, through reading and writing. They can also be used as a technique for forming groups of mixed ability. The resource includes six suggestions for using the cut-outs. I’m sure you’ll think of more.

calendar 2018

The 2018 calendar can be printed for children to give as gifts, or to give as gifts to children, their parents, and classroom helpers. An alternative version for printing bookmarks can be personalised and used as gift tags or for “thank you” messages.

All readilearn Christmas resources can be found in Cultural StudiesChristmas, or located using the search tool. The following is just a selection.

have you used

How to make a friendship tree

3D classroom tree display

Christmas poems

Suggestions for using these, and other Christmas resources, were included in blog posts last year; including,  Preparing for the holidays, Thinking ahead to the new school year and Sharing holiday traditions.

help wanted

With the end of the year drawing nigh, planning for next year begins.

To assist in my planning, I would love to receive feedback about the readilearn collection of early childhood teaching resources. If you teach children from about 5 to 7 years of age in their first three years of school, or used to, I’d love for you to complete the survey included here and share this post with other early childhood educators you know.

Alternatively, if you are not an early childhood teacher, but know someone who is, it would be of great assistance if you would share this post and survey with them, too.

I am keen to receive honest feedback about the site’s visual appeal and usability, as well as suitability of resources.

As a thank you for completing the survey, I would like to send each respondent printable versions of the interactive digital story Who’s Hiding at Christmas? These two printable versions of the story are exclusive to respondents and will not be available on readilearn until November 2018.

Thank you for your support. Know that I appreciate you whether or not you complete or share the survey. All my readers are very special people and greatly appreciated.

If you are an early childhood teacher and haven’t yet used any readilearn resources, many are available free. All you need to do is register. Access to all resources is available through a small annual subscription of A$25 – even less when converted to US dollars or UK pounds!

special gift

A readilearn subscription also makes a special gift to let early childhood teachers know their work is appreciated. Contact me for details.

readilearn resources are more than worksheets;
they are lessons made by teachers for teachers, designed to lighten your workload.


I appreciate your feedback and comments. Please share your thoughts in the “Leave a reply” box below.

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    Norah, I just clicked around on some of your links and templates. Brilliant work my friend. I sure hope you’re advertising on platforms where your activities get lots of recognition because they are fantastic fun looking while educational. If I had kids I’d be on it! 🙂 x

    Hi Debby. Thank you. You are so kind. I appreciate your generous words. I do hope teachers find the resources useful and an aid to reducing their work loads.

    I didn’t realize that summer break coincided with the Christmas holiday. The holiday is a break in US schools, too, but midway through the school year. Great holiday templates!

    That’s right, Charli. Christmas and New Year celebrations fall within our school holidays. I always felt we were kind of robbed. Before Christmas was the lead up to Christmas. We relaxed between Christmas and New Year, then almost straight after New Year, many of us would start preparing for the new school year which starts mid-late (about the 20th) January. Oh dear, some of us can’t be pleased. 🙂 I hope that the readilearn collection of resources will reduce the time teachers need to spend preparing resources. While I really enjoyed creating resources, it can be a real drain on time if we let it. 🙂

    You’ve given a lot of thought to the holidays. What a great ideas for teachers. There are so many kids worldwide celebrating the holidays in their own cultural and religious traditions. That would be fun to explore.

    Thank you, Patricia. I think it is good for us all to learn that not everybody lives just like we do. From knowledge comes understanding, empathy and compassion.

Please share your thoughts. I love it when you do.

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