readilearn: Books on Wednesday — Rainforest Rescue by Karen Tyrrell

  • Published on August 29, 2018

Welcome to the first of a new occasional Wednesday bookish feature.

This week, I want to let you know about Rainforest Rescue, newly released and third junior fiction novel in the Song Bird series of empowering books for young people, by Karen Tyrrell.

I have previously interviewed Karen about the other books in her Song Bird series, Song Bird Superhero and The Battle of Bug World so wanted to let you know that the third is now available.

Song Bird Superhero, Tree Man, and Wonder Girl

I was delighted to attend the recent launch of Rainforest Rescue. Song Bird (Karen) and Tree Man (Karen’s husband and co-author, Steve) wowed their audience that included other superheroes as well as mere mortals like me.

Since the launch, Karen and Steve have been busy visiting schools and making bookshop appearances as part of Book Week Celebrations. If you would like a visit from Karen with one of her empowering presentations or pantomimes, you can contact her on her website here, or connect with her on social media — Twitter:  @Karen_Tyrrell. FB: @KarenTyrrellAuthor.

Visit Karen’s website for free teacher resources, a special offer for Australian readers, and information about purchasing Rainforest Rescue elsewhere.

This is my review of Rainforest Rescue, which you can read on Amazon here.

Rainforest Rescue is the third book in the Song Bird series by Karen Tyrrell and the best yet.

Rosella Ava Bird (Rosie aka Song Bird) and her classmates are excited to attend their first school camp at the Gondwana Rainforest Park. Rosie is relieved that her arch-enemy and bully Frank, who has caused so much trouble in the two previous books, won’t be at the camp. He’ll be away somewhere trying to make up for his bad behaviour and collaboration with the evil Destructo.

Unfortunately, they hadn’t even arrived at Gondwana Rainforest Park before things start to turn bad. It’s even worse at the park when they discover that the rainforest is dying, the park is about to close, mythical creatures appear, and kids start disappearing.

Who is there to help remedy this disastrous situation? Can Song Bird Superhero with the aid of her best friend Amy and a new friend from the rainforest, Bunji save the rainforest?

Every nail-biting moment in this story you can’t put down will have you either fearing or cheering for Song Bird and her friends.

For anyone who cares about our planet and the environment, this book shares secrets from the rainforest that will ensure Destructo doesn’t win in his evil plan to destroy the Earth.


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    Thank you, Pam. Karen does amazing book launches. I’ve been to three now. 🙂

    Thanks, Karen. I’m sure teachers will find the supplementary resources very useful.

    Thanks, Karen. It’s good to let everyone know about your generous resources.

    Thank you for reading and commenting, Charli. I’m so pleased you have become a fan of Karen’s work. Her books for both children and adults have empowering messages.

    I’m pleased you enjoyed finding out about Rainforest Rescue by Karen Tyrrell, Robbie. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    Thanks Norah for giving me such an awesome *5 STAR Review of Rainforest Rescue. Thanks so much for coming along to my book launch and reviewing my book on Readilearn. Mwah! … Karen 🙂

    It was my pleasure, Karen. Your books have great messages about empowering kids, messages that resonate with me as well. They deserve to be in the hands, and hearts, of many readers.

Please share your thoughts. I love it when you do.

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