The Battle of Bug World – Interview with Karen Tyrrell

  • Published on June 30, 2017


This week I have the pleasure of welcoming Karen Tyrrell back to the blog. I previously interviewed Karen about her book Songbird Superhero for the Author Spotlight series. Karen has now published a second book in the Song Bird Series The Battle of Bug World.

I enjoyed Songbird Superhero, so was delighted when Karen approached me to participate in her blog tour. The fact that the book is about bugs may have something to do with it. As you saw last week, I am a fan of minibeasts, including bugs.

As soon as Karen announced the release of her book, I purchased an advance copy and was able to post a pre-review on Goodreads. This is what I wrote:

I loved Song Bird Superhero and wondered if a sequel could possibly match it. But with The Battle of Bug World, Karen Tyrrell didn’t just match it, she surpassed it!
This fast-paced page-turning story is packed with disasters that even Song Bird is not sure she can fix.
What is that nasty Frank Furter up to now? And what’s with the severe thunder storm hovering above his house? What’s happened to all the bees? And why has Song Bird’s sister Raven disappeared?
With no voice and unable to sing, how can she activate her superpowers? There’s too much at stake. Find out how Song Bird’s belief in herself helps her rise to the challenge and how friends can help in more ways than you ever imagine. 

Song Bird Superhero, the first in the series, focuses on bullying and self-belief. The hero, Rosella (Rosie) Ava Bird is bullied at home and at school. When she discovers, and unleashes, her flying powers through song and a belief in herself, she saves her little brother Robin, and the school, from catastrophe.

In The Battle of Bug World , an eco-fantasy adventure, the focus is on saving the Earth, and the importance of working together to care for the environment. Rosie is able to draw on her superpowers and the power of friendship to help avert disasters only hinted at in the blurb:

Can Song Bird save her kidnapped sister, the bees and the planet from the Bullies before it’s too late? “A superstorm destroys Rosella Ava Bird’s flower garden. All the bees are disappearing. A giant sinkhole, cracks open beneath Rosie’s school bus, and mysterious voices rise up from the depths. A tornado blasts the house of Frank, Rosie’s sinister next-door neighbour, threatening Rosie’s family. And Rosie’s sister, Raven, has gone missing. Should Rosie lead a mission into Bug World to rescue Raven?
Or stay home and save her family?”

This series of junior fiction is great for readers of about 7 – 10 years. The face-paced action makes them suitable for read-alouds to children not yet reading for themselves. With an empowered female hero, the stories have great girl appeal. But the boys are not forgotten and there are strong role models for boys too.

I have just a few questions for Karen this time.

Hi Karen. Welcome again to readilearn and congratulations on the publication of The Battle of Bug World. It is a great read and a wonderful follow-up to Song Bird Superhero.

In Song Bird Superhero, there was a focus on bullying and self-belief. Those aspects are still very much to the fore in The Battle of Bug World but there is also a strong environmental message in the book. Why did you choose an environment theme this time?

I’m passionate about raising awareness to the environment. The eco theme works well with the bully prevention plot line and will continue in the next books in the Song Bird series.

What are the most important messages that you would like readers to take away from the book?

We can all be superheroes, to help save the environment.

Children can help save the environment by remembering to RECYCLE • REDUCE • REUSE.

Children can help save the bees by planting herbs and colourful red, yellow and purple flowers.

Solar energy is clean sustainable energy.

How can fiction books be used to teach environmental issues?

Fiction books can teach environmental issues by raising awareness, opening up discussion and modelling positive behaviour as shown by eco warrior characters.

How does Song Bird, Rosie (Rosella Ava Bird) develop as a character in this book? How has she grown or changed since book 1?

Well, Rosie is more confident about her superhero powers and how she can help others.

What do you like best about The Battle of Bug World?

I love that a bullied girl, a disabled kid and a geeky boy can make a difference in the world.

What teacher resources and kids’ activities did you create for this book?

Check out

Are you planning any more books for this series?

Yes, I’m creating more books in the Song Bird series with environmental themes. Book 3 will be out in 2018. Please stay tuned.

Thank you, Karen Tyrrell for talking with us about The Battle of Bug World. We wish you success.

To find out more about Karen visit her website and blog: Karen Tyrrell – Author

Or connect with her on social media

Twitter:  @Karen_Tyrrell

FB: @KarenTyrrellAuthor

Karen’s books are available for purchase on her website or from Booktopia, Amazon, and other selected bookstores.

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    That would be fabulous. I’m sure Karen would be very pleased for you to review it. I have just read and commented on a review of another book with an environmental theme on your website. We were visiting each other at the same time!

    Thanks, That would be awesome. Look forward to reading your review. Good luck in the competition … Cheers, Karen x

    This looks like such a fun book and YES after the minibeasts post I can totally see why Karen wanted to be here 🙂 Nicely done with this interview, ladies!

    Thank you, Christy. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the post and see the value in the messages.

    I’ve come to love Karen’s work and recognized her immediately. Her sequel looks like a strong second book in the series that gives voice to those marginalized. Your paired lesson plans are a great match, Norah! Bees are crucial to our global ecosystem.

    I’m pleased you recognised Karen on my blog, Charli. It’s great to have her visit again and talk about her latest publication. It has many powerful messages for young children about self-belief, diversity, and working together. As you say, bees are very important to our global ecosystem and the survival of all species. Karen’s story emphasises this fact.

    Hi Robbie, Thanks for checking out The Battle of Bug World, Book 2 in the series. I’m thrilled you like my environmental superhero theme. Book 3 coming out soon… cheers, Karen 🙂

    It is a great book for young readers, Robbie. It has many different themes to inspire them. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    I like the idea of a super hero series about kids working together to save the planet. And there are a lot of young super heroes doing that globally. I enjoyed the interview.

    Hi Patricia, I’m thrilled you like the premise of my book series. My eco warriors also overcome personal challenges: one’s a bullied girl, one’s disabled and one’s a geeky boy. YES, lots of superheros in the real world too… Book 3 coming out soon … cheers, Karen 🙂

    Thank you, Patricia. It is very exciting to hear of our young heroes working together the save the planet, isn’t it? In fact and in fiction both!

    Wow! That’s book #2 for Karen…congratulations on what looks like the beginning of a great series. And taking care of the environment is such an important educational theme. Well done.

    Hi Cynthia, Thanks for for being enthusiastic about my Superhero environmental series. The environment needs as much help as we can muster. Please Stay tuned … Book 3 coming out in 2018. Cheers, Karen 🙂

    Thank you for your lovely comment, Cindy. Yes, The Battle of Bug World is the second in Karen’s Super Bird series, but it is her ninth (I think) book published. It’s quite an achievement, isn’t it? I’m looking forward to your publications equaling hers in number. 🙂

    I look forward to reading them, Cindy and eagerly await their publication. I hope they are as good as Katie Schaeffer Pancake Maker! 🙂

    Hi Karen, enjoyed reading more about the Song Bird Series. I like the sound of The Battle of Bug World, and if I get a chance to win SB2,or CBA, or AW, I’d be super thrilled. 🙂

    Thank you so much for reading and commenting, Marje. It’s nice to see you here at readilearn. Good luck with the contest.

    Hi Marje, Lovely to see your comment over here. Thanks for your interest in The Battle of Bug World and registering for the giveaway prizes. Good luck … cheers, Karen 🙂

    Thanks dgkaye for checking out the interview and resources. I’d be happy to answer any questions on The Battle of Bug World if you have them … Karen 🙂

    Thanks for reading and commenting, Artelle. Good luck with the contest! 🙂

    Thanks Artelle, for checking out Norah’s interview and the teacher resources for The Battle of Bug World. Cheers,
    Karen 🙂

    Thanks Norah and Readilearn for interviewing me on my latest book The Battle of Bug World. I hope Teachers and educators enjoy the interview and the resources that Norah has provided… Karen 🙂

    Hi Karen, It was a wonderful interview. Thank you for your interesting responses and letting us know about your passion and motivation for writing the Song Bird Series, especially this latest one, The Battle of Bug World. Between the wonderful free resources you have available on your website, and mine, there is plenty to keep teachers and children busy! Thank you and best wishes for success with The Battle of Bug World. Children and adults will love it!

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