Happy first birthday, readilearn!

  • Published on August 25, 2017

This week we celebrate readilearn’s first birthday. Last year we launched with just over one hundred online teaching resources to support early childhood teachers in their role. Now there are more than 250, and the number continues to grow with new resources uploaded nearly every week.

Resources across most areas of the curriculum support teachers of children in their first three years of school. All resources are original and teacher-made, designed to lighten workloads by providing lessons and activities teachers would make themselves, if they only had time.

The collection consists of digital stories, and interactive whiteboard activities. There are printable activities, teaching suggestions, and notes for distribution to parents. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll do our best to support you.

This week, in celebration of the milestone, I have uploaded two new free  early childhood teaching resources which can be personalised for individual children on their birthday.

birthday card feature

A birthday card to personalise includes an original verse to read or sing to the child as the card is presented. (Contact me for the tune!)

The birthday child completes the card by:

  • Colouring the cake.
  • Cutting the correct number of candles and pasting them onto the top of the cake.
  • Drawing a self-portrait and writing the numbers and date on the back of the card. (Alternatively, a photograph could be added.)

The child can stand the card to display it throughout the day.

The resource includes:

  • Two versions of the card – black and white or coloured – for printing choice
  • Candles to colour, cut, count, and paste
  • A blank card to use for other birthdays.

happy birthday badges

Happy birthday badges can also be printed and personalised for the child to wear to show that it is a special day.

Other birthday related resources include:

birthday chart

Busy Bee Birthday chart

It is great to have this chart ready to fill with children’s birthdays on the first day of the school year. It helps to develop a supportive classroom environment in which children feel they are valued and belong.

Use it in a variety of ways; for example:

  • Keeping an eye on whose birthdays are coming up soon.
  • Comparing ages.
  • Comparing the numbers of children born in each month. This can be done by observing the chart or by creating a living graph with children lined up to indicate the month of their birth.
  • Arranging children from oldest to youngest, or youngest to oldest.
  • In conjunction with a calendar, children can work out how many days older or younger than each other they are, and how many days until a birthday.

The free resource Getting to know you surveys includes a suggestion for creating a birthday graph.

how old are you graph

  • Print the question on A4 paper and attach a strip of paper below.
  • Children draw their face and write their name on a square pf paper which they affix with removable paste below their current age. When each child has a birthday, the square is moved to the column showing the new current age.
  • This graph makes it easy to see the ages of children in the class, and to watch the numbers change as children celebrate their birthdays.

Little Koala’s Party is an interactive resource for use on the interactive white board. It engages children with mathematical problem solving strategies as they help Little Koala plan a party. They work out the number of guests and items required, then apply the same strategies in planning a party of their own, real or imaginary.

Check out Little Koala for other related resources; including:

invitation notepaper colour

Invitation notepaper

and a Party hat template.

Thank you for your participation in readilearn’s first year and for sharing the journey with us. It has presented many, many opportunities for learning. I Hope it has for you too. Here’s to the next celebration!

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special gift

A readilearn subscription also makes a special gift to let early childhood teachers know their work is appreciated. Contact me for details.

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    Thank you, Robin. It’s difficult to believe it’s a year and it makes me wonder where the time’s gone. I appreciate your ongoing support and good wishes. 🙂

    Happy Birthday, Readilearn! ???? And congratulations, Norah! (I can’t believe it’s been a year.) Wonderful website and resources. Keep up the great work!

    Thank you so much for your support and good wishes, Sarah. Much appreciated.

    Thank you, Robbie. It has gone so quickly, I can hardly believe it is a year already. 🙂

    Happy Birthday Readilearn and Norah… Thanks for your wonderful support this year… Karen 🙂

    Thank you, Karen. It’s very exciting to reach this milestone. Thank you for your participation and contribution too. 🙂

    How wonderful! Congratulations, Norah! Sounds like it is a fantastic project with fabulous ideas for kids. I will let my daughter know about this. She’s a teacher. Maybe she can spread word about it! Best of luck, my friend! ❤️

    Thank you, Janice. It is really exciting to reach this first milestone. It would be wonderful of you to let your daughter know. Thank you.:)

    Happy first birthday Readilearn! Norah, what a brilliant idea! I sure hope your fantastic educational ideas for children are being spread far and wide. 🙂 x

    Thank you, Charli. The time has flown. It has been a busy and rewarding year.

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